Busting Recruitment Myths

Your resume needs a unique layout

I see many many many CV’s/resumes every day or week. The layouts are very varied from the basic straightforward and clear with black print on white paper to multiple fonts, colours, pictures, columns (all in the came document).

This can actually be a hindrance. In most cases, an elaborate or unusual design isn’t a good idea since it can detract from your experience and it can make it harder for the recruiter to find what they’re looking for.

The exception may be if you’re in a creative industry where your ‘creative’ skills need to be on show. Still it needs to be a CV/Resume that is ‘easy’ to read.

It’s best to stick with a clean, simple style with a conventional layout. Aim for a contemporary design that attracts the recruiter’s eye without overwhelming or polarising. Multiple colours and columns can be confusing and if there are several applications for a single role could get over looked as a result.

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