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Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up

Working from home has many pro’s and con’s. For some it is great – you will hear comments such as ‘I get so much more done!’, for some it is ok – they just get on with it like they always do and for others it will be none of the above. Human beings are […]

Working from home – the pitfalls

With the benefits of remote work also come some challenges. These include the lack of structure in a flexible work environment which for some – employer and employee – can be difficult to navigate. Working from home is not an effortless path, nor the right choice for every personality. Working from home can be lonely […]

Working from home can benefit employers as much as employees

There are many pros and cons to working from home for both the employer and employee. Studies have found that working from home for the right people can increase productivity and decrease stress. Studies also found that companies that encourage and support a work-from-home protocol actually save money in the long run—an added bonus on […]

Another Recruitment Myth – Busted!

Myth – Your resume must be no more than one or two pages. It is true that you need to keep your resume short but at the same time you need to ensure that you include all the necessary details. I’ve been contacted by candidates who have said “I’m just ringing to let you know […]

Busting Recruitment Myths

Your resume needs a unique layout I see many many many CV’s/resumes every day or week. The layouts are very varied from the basic straightforward and clear with black print on white paper to multiple fonts, colours, pictures, columns (all in the came document). This can actually be a hindrance. In most cases, an elaborate […]

Are you guilty of Shooting the Messenger?

As a recruiter I am always having to advise people they did not get the role they applied for because, let’s face it, not everyone is suited to the role they want and not everyone has the experience required by the Hiring Manager. There is nothing personal in either of these 2 reasons however it […]

Employee Referral Programs

Do these work? Well that depends upon the role and the person referring/referred. We will refer our friends and mates who are in need of a role – whether they fit the bill is another question…. But they can be a very successful program if implemented right. When staff refer people they want to see […]

Do you have a Personal Relationship the Hiring Manager?

18% of companies say they track hiring manager satisfaction. Wow! When you’re recruiting the Hiring Manager is the decision maker at the end of the day – you are not. If you don’t know if the Hiring Manager is satisfied with what you are offering and the service they are receiving, how can you possibly […]

Providing a Great Candidate Experience Nets the Great Candidates

In the current market the most pressing need is to find great candidates with the right experience. Companies, and the disruptive force of technology has changed the way people look for jobs and how employers hire. The strategies and processes used in the past are not working today. Recent surveys show that over 68% of […]

Business Trends 2020

According to Google (the font of all knowledge) the top business trends for 2020 are  Robots taking our jobs. … 2) The Internet of machines. … 3) Flatter organisations. … 4) 3D printing. … 5) Nano-technology. … 6) Mobile apps redefining service industries. … 7) The fight for control of the mobile payments system. … […]