Working from home – the pitfalls

With the benefits of remote work also come some challenges. These include the lack of structure in a flexible work environment which for some – employer and employee – can be difficult to navigate. Working from home is not an effortless path, nor the right choice for every personality.

Working from home can be lonely for the employee and they can feel isolated from the team. This needs to be combated by regular feedback and virtual conversations. The employer can initiate a weekly video conference including all those in the team and ensure that those working remotely are given space to talk and add to the discussion.

Most companies have their own internal messaging system where employees can chat to each other. And the majority of people will use this system for communication whether they are in the same office or not. Hence working from home and having such a messaging system helps remove the isolation factor to a degree.

This is not normally an issue for those working from home 1 or a couple of days a week.

For employees working from home full-time it would be recommended that there are regular group catch ups and when possible a regular ‘face to face’ catch up.

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