Another Recruitment Myth – Busted!

Myth – Your resume must be no more than one or two pages.

It is true that you need to keep your resume short but at the same time you need to ensure that you include all the necessary details.

I’ve been contacted by candidates who have said “I’m just ringing to let you know I have x y z experience. When asked they advise it is not on their resume. Why??? I am trying to keep the resume short. If you believe it is important enough to the role that the person reviewing the resume needs to know about it, then don’t be lazy, get your resume out and update or modify it.

Keeping your resume too short can mean you don’t effectively show your capabilities. Three pages is great if you can outline and show all relevant experience – maybe even 4-5 if necessary. 10 is way way too long and generally – role dependent – will not be read.

Ensuring the right information is on the resume is really the aim.

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