2nd Most Asked Question

According to google, The Most Asked Question is Why is the sky blue? and the second Most Asked Question is Why Should We Hire You?

Now if you have been for a job interview in the past 10 plus years, then I am pretty sure you would have encountered this question. It is a fair question to ask if you are going to pay someone to do work for you.

The different types of answers are really quite amazing in their diversity. I have heard all of the below:-

Because I am the best person for the job (really? and how do you know that?)

Because I really need this job (fine but what is in that for me?)

Because I’m a good person (great – that puts my mind at ease!)

You get the drift.

None of these answers gives the interviewer what they are looking for in a new employee. Sure they all are offering traits of the perfect employee but the employer wants someone who will do a great job for them.

It would be much better to answer the question by giving a BRIEF overview of your skills and personality. Something along the lines of

“I have spent the past (x) years (handling/managing/doing) this type of work and I have honed my skills. I am a team player who enjoys working along side of people who are also interested in pulling together. My understanding of the role from our discussions confirms to me that I have the skills and abilities to handle this role for you and it is very much of interest to me. I can start (x) timeframe and will be committed to working at 100% capacity for you.”

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